Guy Lundy: Futurist and Professional Speaker

Guy Lundy is a professional futurist and conference speaker who has presented to audiences around the world.

Keynote speeches

South Africa and the World Towards 2030

Guy looks at what is happening in the world, on the continent of Africa and in South Africa and considers how the major trends affecting us at each of these levels can impact your business in the short, medium and long term.

The Future of Africa

Africa’s history is a long and fascinating one, and its future is shaping up to be even more interesting. Guy looks at the major factors impacting on Africa’s trajectory and considers scenarios for possible futures for the continent.

Going Global

Companies must eventually expand beyond their national borders to continue growing, but this brings their own risks. Based on extensive research and the experiences of multiple clients, Guy addresses the risks and opportunities for companies considering this major next step.

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My Books

Guy is the author of two books about South Africa and its future: “South Africa: Reasons to Believe” and “South Africa 2014: The Story of our Future”.

Keynote Speaker

Guy Lundy is a sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator and MC with fifteen years of experience in presenting, facilitating, and strategy consulting. He has presented to audiences in 18 countries on 5 continents.

Guy is a qualified futurist and experienced scenario planner, with a Masters degree in Futures Studies, and he is the author of two books about the future of South Africa. He has worked with some of Africa’s most highly regarded scenario planners, such as Clem Sunter, and shared platforms with some of its most well-known business leaders.

Having lived and worked around the world and come back home, Guy is passionate about the future of Africa and the business opportunities presented by the continent’s dramatic growth story.

Let Guy Lundy infuse your next conference, function or strategy session with real world insights into what the future holds for Africa and South Africa. You will come away enriched, inspired and motivated to do more.