South Africa 2014: The Story of our Future

With contributions from:
Thabo Mbeki, FW de Klerk, Patricia de Lille, Roelf Meyer, Johnny Clegg, Smuts Ngonyama, Nick Mallet, Adrian Gore, Laurie Dippenaar, Ferial Haffajee and many more prominent South Africans.

This book has 21 chapters dealing with those aspects of South African life that will have a significant influence on our future. We have contributions from 77 authors, ranging from politicians, to business people, to academics, to highly regarded commentators. Each chapter is concluded by a flow chart indicating where we are now, what the challenges are and where we are likely to be in 2014.

he book is less about making an exact prediction of progress and more about establishing a direction and the critical challenges that will determine the desired outcomes, the likelihood of success and what we can each do to make it happen.

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